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"AGAIN and AGAIN, is a destination spot for me, over 300 miles from my home in NY.  My very good friend gave me one of her bags as a present four years ago. I own 6 now, have given 5 others as gifts, and am having them design one right now for me using  part of a sail from my father's old sailboat. 
I carry one every day-- it holds my laptop, paper, folders, lunch.  These bags are unbeliveably durable, lightweight, and great for travel because they fold up small in a suitcase and are ready to stuff with all the treasures I buy when I am on a trip. And I always have more to take home than I left with.
But perhaps I like them best because they are truly unique. I am literally stopped on the street by people who ask me where I got my bag.  Each bag is one-of-a-kind, and has a personality of its own. I like to own things that make a design statement. Frieda's bags are at once whimsical, artisitic, and a great value. She's my best kept secret that I love to pass along.  Thank god for friends who give you gifts." Janet Stetson

"AGAIN and AGAIN's bags are distinctive and stylish with a bold use of color. I gravitate to the designs with an "edge."  I live in Gloucester and frequently give her bags to family and friends, who shriek with delight-- literally!-- and want to know where to get more. She has also custom designed two bags for me.  Stuart, a 75 year old professor and fisherman, called this week from his boat in Michigan just this week to tell me how much he loves his bag. (When I asked Frieda to put the name of his boat on the bag, as usual, her response was "no problem.")  My 7 year old daughter has carried Frieda's bag to school, my college-age nieces love the pocketbooks...in other words, men and women across generations appreciate these extraordinary, one-of-a-kind products. And ... Frieda is as cool, hip and elegant as the bags she creates." Shelley Morgan

"AGAIN and AGAIN sail bags are perfect for all seasons for all reasons.  I own a messenger style bag that has my initials sewn on with bright colored sail cloth.  It is a great alternative as a casual briefcase.  My large carry bag with the bright orange fish is perfect for the beach, an overnight, shopping and my favorite, collecting at yard sales. They are unique, one-of-a-kind, durable and washable!  Again and Again even made my husband and I custom-designed Christmas stockings from sail cloth that go with our decor. Deej Viau

"I Have been a customer of AGAIN and AGAIN since Frieda first began making bags. My first bag was a messenger-style over-the-shoulder bag, which I needed to be water resistant inside for carrying toddler stuff. Frieda lined it with her old raincoat! I have since purchased beach totes, bags for the market, bags to hold my recycling papers, and laundry, not to mention gifts- all wonderful and unique." Niki Bogen

"Every time I see a new bag from Again and Again, I smile. Frieda has a super eye for design which goes beyond the run of the mill, cutesy nautical motifs we often see around New England. I am really impressed with the craftsmanship that goes into making Again and Again bags, and I really appreciate Frieda's determination and commitment to reuse and remake from old sails." Melanie Murray-Brown

" Frieda's bags are unique. I own several sizes of different designs and love every single one of them. Each bag reflects specific summer memories and images, reminding me of those days of the year we all love so dearly. They make wonderful presents too: I have given them to friends and family in Germany and the bags are now visiting beaches in southern Spain, the Mediterranean and the North Sea." Jessica, Wiesbaden

"Unique and earth friendly, refreshing, lightweight and I have one for every occasion...overnight bag, the beach, grocery shopping and great gifts!" Memory Layne Creative.




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